Supergirl Pilot Review I The Koalition

Dana Abercrombie from The Koalition writes:

"Supergirl is a waste of time, a true disappointment and an insult to what it’s trying to promote. Females are strong, bad-ass, vulnerable and multi-faceted. They are more than picking out the right costumes and bouncing in heels. Yes, women love pink, shopping, and doing their nails. They have crushes and become shy; they also love football and roughhousing. This show seems to have forgotten what it means to be a female, yet it has the nerve to call itself “Supergirl.” This show is neither empowering nor endearing, is it the modern-day June Cleaver in an age where people are in need of a humanistic superhero."

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Romudeth816d ago

No way this show is as bad as this lol

RetrospectRealm814d ago

I can confirm it definitely isn't. At least a 6.5/10. You should try it out soon.

sagesurge816d ago

it's like the dialogue was ripped from a Katy Perry song

RetrospectRealm814d ago

This was pretty good though. Why didn't you like it?

sagesurge814d ago

The dialogue was laughable, the acting was horrendous, the chemistry was forced, the villains were boring and it relied to heavily on Superman.

RetrospectRealm814d ago

Heavily relying on Superman is a bad thing? After all, he did get to Earth before her. Some of the dialogue and acting was a little ehhhh, but I think Benoist really did a good job. It's only a pilot after all. I expect it will steadily get better and better. I just hope people continue watching so it doesn't get cancelled!

sagesurge814d ago

I doubt it'll be cancelled. I really hope it does get better though. It's sad when I find DC Superhero Girls more entertaining.