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10 Least Terrifying MCU Villains


There are many types of villain in the Marvel Universe. Some are witty and charming, sprinkling their evil doings with bon mots and a zesty joie de vivre which makes it really easy to see why their minions would get swept up in all the excitement and follow them to their doom at the hands of a morally superior but far less pithy band of heroes.

Some of them are really quite dim and violent, which isn’t to say that they’re worthless or unengaging; quite the opposite, in fact. Their muscular, bro-tastic clobbering style has a kind of wistful old-school purity to it: the law of the playground gone intergalactic.

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Aldous_Snow995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

Fox characters Juggs, Doom and Stryker are not part of the MCU.

Article Fail

BTW, Juggs was more of an embarrassment than anything remotely terrifying.

RetrospectRealm993d ago

What Culture routinely posts articles that aren't factually correct. I honestly don't know why people* keep posting articles from there. Their format is really absurd too.