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For ‘The Walking Dead,’ Deaths Are a Fact of Life (Spoilers)

The Walking Dead has clearly established by now that the real evil isn’t in the slavering, mindless zombies but rather the horrors that people will commit in a world turned lawless and desperate. Yet the series still occasionally needs to be reminded – and to remind its audience – of that fact, making death mean more than just artful blood spurts and the unsettling prospect of being eaten alive.

The last two episodes have, somewhat inadvertently, demonstrated the heights and depths of that challenge. Because while the second episode of the new season felt gratuitous and unnecessarily grim – like an eruption of violence mostly for its own sake, or even to kill time while giving several key players the week off – the latest installment made viewers feel those deaths, even for peripheral or unidentified players.

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alycakes994d ago

It sad but true and the loss of life is going to happen and I know that this show is known for killing off the main characters but this time it was just too much for me. No other main character bothered me this much.

WizzroSupreme992d ago

Death in inevitable, but a good death is earned.

RetrospectRealm991d ago

Glen isn't dead though. The way it was shot is completely obvious that he is still alive.