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‘Suicide Squad’: Joker Revealed in Full, Colorful Costume on Empire Cover


The Joker steps out in a big way on the new cover of Empire magazine, which proclaims Leto’s character as a “Psycho Killer” on this Suicide Squad Limited Edition Collector’s Cover. Here’s hoping we get more look at Squad members on alternate covers, but for now let’s take a look at Leto’s Joker. He’s certainly different from any Joker we’ve seen before, trading in Jack Nicholson’s tailored suit and Heath Ledger’s rumpled jacket for a purple tinged trench coat, complete with baggy, drawstring “Arkham Asylum” pants, bare feet, and a purple cane. Oh, and let’s not forget the head-to-toe make up which helps his electric green hair and deep black tattoos stand-out against his paler-than-white skin. It’s a unique look; let’s hope the performance can match it.

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-Foxtrot995d ago

Urgh...why did they make him into a pimp

Great actor, shitty design choice.

masso9112994d ago

this may be the first time I agree with you... lets just hope his acting skills make up for the bad design

My_Outer_Heaven994d ago

When I first saw it I was like, woah Leto's Joker looks like a drug dealer!

Porcelain_Chicken995d ago

Ha! Pretty funny!

I'll be honest the look is growing on me. Very punk rock. I love the brightness to some of it too! The Joker has always been one of Batman's flashier enemies. The fact that the Joker is such a colorful, yet vile character serves as a nice contrast with Batman.

RetrospectRealm993d ago

It almost makes it seem intentional... now I'm scared for this...

MilkMan994d ago

This is an excellent modern day take on the character. Full on, pimped out, crazy-ass, gangsta!

Your screwed Bats!

OJSoFunky994d ago

Didn't like his look at first, but i think it keeps looking better and better.

RetrospectRealm993d ago

I kind of feel the opposite, tbh. Like it's getting worse.

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