Once Upon a Time "Dreamcatcher" Review - IGN

IGN: The Dark Swan storyline had potential. Turning the Savior into the villain was a change capable of altering the landscape. And though we happily got to the end result -- Dark Swan instead of Emma -- they quickly lost ground by bringing in a curse with a memory wipe. I recently heard someone say Once Upon a Time has a few pieces they switch out and rearrange and two of those elements were a curse and memory loss. It gets old. They're also steering in the wrong direction by not making Emma's motivations clear. That was apparent from her talk with Mr. Gold tonight. He at least had Baelfire in mind, but what does Emma have? Simply craving power isn't enough in this case.

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WizzroSupreme994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

Eh, probably the biggest "meh" episode of the season so far. I hope good things are in store for Rumple, though.