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The Walking Dead "Thank You" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Welcome to another episode of The Walking Dead. This week’s episode is brought to you by the letter “fuuuuuuuuck.” Can you say “fuuuuuuuuck,” kids?

“Thank You” picks up with Rick and the group trying to herd a swarm of walkers away from town, and as is to be expected on this show, things are not going well at all. Within minutes of re-joining our heroes, one of the Alexandrians gets himself eaten. Soon after that, the horn stops, but not in time to stop another Alexandrian from shooting one of his fellows in the leg in a bout of panic. Oh, and yet another Alexandrian sprains her ankle, because hey, it’s a horror show and we can’t give up on all the cliches. Did I mention the Alexandrian who cracks under the pressure and apparently gets Glenn killed?

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WizzroSupreme990d ago

That letter can describe a lot about this series.

RetrospectRealm990d ago

I still cannot believe how many people are falling for the "Glenn is dead" thing. It's obvious he didn't die. Get over it!