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The Walking Dead "Thank You" Review - IGN

IGN: Okay, so there a ton of things to talk about with "Thank You" - Season 6's third installment of (what now looks to be) a four-part same day action adventure story involving the converging dangers of walkers and Wolves. An episode that - if we're to believe our eyes - contained a huge character death, but I'll get to that shortly.

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alycakes1000d ago

This is the worst thing they could have done. Who is going to volunteer to go do all the dangerous things that come up. Glen was the best and I am going to miss him.

mushroomwig1000d ago

You'll only have a week to miss him because it was pretty obvious from the episode that he's going to be okay.

alycakes1000d ago

No it wasn't. How did you come to that conclusion?

buddymagoo1000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

he's not dead. Want proof?

BLAKHOODe1000d ago

@alycakes, when Glenn fell into the zombies, Nicholas was on top of him. It's obvious the zombies were tearing apart Nicholas' remains, even though the camera angle made it look like Glenn was being torn apart.

thorstein1000d ago


when Neegan kills him later.

TheSaint999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

He sure as poop shouldn't be alive, not with that many Z's around him, at least one would of, at best, accidentally taken a bite out of him.

If he lives through that I call bullshit.

WeedyOne999d ago

It would be pretty cheap if he escaped from that many zombies unscratched.

I'm thinking something like this might happen...

Glenn escapes but has been bitten.
He has enough time to see Maggie and say goodbye.
Maggie then has to kill him when he turns.
Maggie then kills herself because she has lost everyone she loves.

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RetrospectRealm1000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

It was obvious because the other dude fell on top of Glenn. Not to mention the zombies would've been pulling the intestines out of Glenn's chest had they been Glenn's... Also, I'm fairly certain Glenn's death scene will be way better than that... nobody was even around to witness it.

Glenn will probably just chill while they eat Nick up and he gets covered with Nick's insides, then he'll be able to just get up and walk away or something. Just like the Guts episode from Season 1.

Soldierone999d ago

I was thinking that combined with maybe he takes a few of the Walkers out and lets them fall on him too. (Since he still had his knife and already had a plan before falling) Could easily hide like that, or they could take a simplistic route and let him get covered then slide under the trash can until they lose interest.

James-GAMES1000d ago

I'm not fully convinced Glenn's dead.... He may be but who knows.

KingPin1000d ago

so i thought id watch this weeks episode since it was so highly rated......same shit different day.

for the most part its walk around, make meaningless small talk, gets attacked by zombies, run away from zombies, get trapped, fight way through, someone dies, get away. repeat.

thats pretty much walking dead. the characters are boring too at this point. not one of them is actually someone you root for. looks like daryll lost his cool aspect as well.

its pretty much done with this nonsense. it goes nowhere slowly. on the bright side i didnt see carl, has that annoyance been killed off?

as for the guys thinking glenn is dead...he isnt. he fell down into the zombie horde with the dude that committed suicide, all the blood and guts belong to that dude. glen will have crawled away or fought his way through and is fine.

buddymagoo1000d ago

look at it like a sport, most sports are played out pretty much the same but are different enough to find some enjoyment in them.

One thing is for sure, I wouldn't want to deny people their enjoyment so for the people still watching I hope they continue to enjoy it but it's not for everybody.

BLAKHOODe1000d ago

"Read the comics."

That's pretty much my answer to anyone who says they have a problem with the way The Walking Dead is. Now obviously, the show doesn't follow the comic's storyline fully - lots of differences, but it gives you an idea of where the story is heading and, right now, the show is going completely off-track from the comic - my guess is to give Image time to stay ahead of the show with it's monthly release. But trust me, BIG BIG things are coming once the show gets back on course with the comic.

KingPin999d ago

i hate when people say "you need to read the books"...NO I DONT! a movie/series adaptation of a book should stand on its own and give the viewer all the information they shouldnt have to read the book to know whats going on in the series. and if i absolutely need to read the books than the series failed.

shammgod999d ago

they just completely removed Darryl from the story it seems.

MasterD9191000d ago

Honestly, it was retarded the way they did it. Logistically, Glenn squerming and moving would have gotten him killed after they ate away at the other guy...

But he is listed as being in the ENTIRE rest of the season. That would be a lot of flashbacks if he wasn't...Everything is pointing to him surviving. Plus, not for nothing, but that is a really poor and swift way to kill off Glenn. I firmly expect Carol to go before Glenn, and especially with Negan showing up at the end of this season.

BLAKHOODe1000d ago

Logic doesn't apply in The Walking Dead - remember Carol and Daryl's van fall? It's just a TV show. Calm yourself and allow yourself to be entertained.

RetrospectRealm999d ago

When writing a TV show, the writers aren't supposed to worry about the people who study the behind the scenes info of how long an actor is signed on for. Nor should a fan even be doing that unless they intentionally want to be potentially spoiled. That would be stupid anyways.

Soldierone999d ago

Stuff like that doesn't matter. Lori was listed and titled the rest of the season and she died 4 episodes into the season.

Honestly the producers have learned that anything major like this will be looked into by fans, so they know how to set the tricks up to defend it.

lolosgolos999d ago

As much as I want to believe his alive, it's not possible and poor Glen is dead. Best episode this season so far.

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