Brooklyn Nine-Nine "Halloween, Part III" Review - AVClub

AVClub: So very often, Brooklyn Nine-Nine goes to a place where it strains realism (or whatever can be the closest to realism within this sitcom world) with the amount of extracurricular activities the detectives of the Nine-Nine have within the precinct. I’ve often called it the “Don’t these people have jobs?” dilemma, because obviously they have jobs—pretty important ones—but they find ways to go off onto ridiculous tangents that have very little to do with anything police-work related. It happened a couple of weeks ago with the Moose Tracks subplot, to slightly disappointing results. It happened early last season in “The Jimmy Jab Games,” which was an instant highlight in season two. And of course, it’s the main underlying question surrounding the Halloween episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is what leads us to tonight’s episode, “Halloween, Part III.”

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