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If Glenn Dies, Lauren Cohan Thinks Maggie Could Survive

CB: Maggie and Glenn are one of The Walking Dead's beacons of hope. The two have endured a great deal of heartbreak and terror to this point in the series, it is hard to imagine either going on without the other.

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Soldierone966d ago

I haven't seen the episode so no spoilers, but there might be comic spoilers ahead.

I personally want to see them simply walk off. I don't think the show needs to kill every single character, there should just be these two that simply walk off and nobody really knows what happens to them. Maybe they live happy ever after, who knows.

It's one thing that disappointed me in the comics. They did it, they had them leave, then they drag them back in just to kill Glenn. That's about the point I stopped reading too.

Honestly Maggie already went through hell, we already saw her break. The simple fact Glenn is there makes her "not broken" and different from the rest of the group. It has a new dynamic since everyone else is so broken. So dragging her into that would just be dull.

RetrospectRealm963d ago

Apparently this show might go to 20 seasons, so I think eventually, almost everyone is going to die except Carl, who will take over as leader of the group someday with his girlfriend. I forget her name but she's the one with JSS writing on everything.

Soldierone963d ago

Guess it depends on if those fan theories come true and she is some ultimate spy for the other group. Though I doubt it because the other group didn't seem so organized to do something like that.

While I love the show, I'd be surprised if it goes much further than 10. It'll probably make it to 12 or so.

RetrospectRealm963d ago

I don't believe that theory one bit. That's just a unnecessary twist. She barely had any screentime anyways. It would barely affect our group at all.

Soldierone962d ago

I don't believe the theory, but I am interested to know why they spent so much time on her for no reason during the episode. There has to be something more to her story somewhere.

Also I'm a bit nervous that they had this big dramatic episode and this week is just going to be about Morgan walking somewhere and finding his head, only to return to the group. (Remember they did that with Governor right after a hectic episode)