12 Best Episodes of The Walking Dead


When Season 6 of The Walking Dead premiered a couple weeks ago, it blew us away. It had a stylistic approach to storytelling that we hadn’t seen before in the series. With the use of black and white to signify jumping back in time and then slight oversaturation for the present day, it was striking and impressive.

There is plenty of action, tension, and character development in that first episode as well, but it isn’t the only episode to ever give us so many great aspects wrapped up neatly in a single sit down. The Walking Dead being the hugely successful series that it is, there have been a few amazing episodes that have hit broken our hearts, made us angry, grossed us out, and even made us cry. To shine light on these special episodes we give you:

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WizzroSupreme994d ago

The CDC episode has got to be the best.

RetrospectRealm994d ago

The very first episode of the series and the season 5 premiere with Terminus were my absolute favorites. The hype leading to the Terminus episode was through the roof. I'll never forget the premiere night.