'Burnt': Film Review - THR

THR: Culinary metaphors aside, John Wells’ entry in the feel-good foodie film subgenre is neither as cloying as last year’s The Hundred-Foot Journey (featuring Helen Mirren in full French drag) nor as scruffily likeable as Jon Favreau's Chef. Glib, sloppy and shamelessly clichéd, it’s a middling vehicle for its charismatic leading man Bradley Cooper, who sweats and swears up a storm as a disgraced chef orchestrating a comeback. Cooper can do this kind of arrogant-but-irresistible golden boy shtick in his sleep, but that doesn't make it any less pleasurable to watch. Flashing his baby blues and a fiery temper, the actor gives a fully engaged performance that almost makes us want to forgive the movie’s laziness. Almost.

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