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7 Ways The Hulk Could Fit Into Thor: Ragnarok

From Cinelinx:

With word currently spreading that the Hulk, played by Mark Ruffalo, will probably appear in the third Thor film, fans are speculating on what possible role the green skinned Avenger will play in the movie. Cinelinx looks at 7 ways that the Incredible Hulk could fit into the Ragnarok story.

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Aldous_Snow996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

Liked them all except the last one. The power gem is in Xandar and has been done in the Guardians of the galaxy so it aint going back there.

It would probably give hulk IBS anyway and keep him in a permanent fit of rage until he shits it out.

Midgard serpent is definitely interesting but Hulk stands no chance whatsoever against it. But my monies still on surtur, though neither thor or hulk stand no chance against him either, so no idea what will go down.

Its the movie im looking forward to the most before the Infinity war.

OJSoFunky996d ago

Interested to see how Hulk will fit in the Ragnorok storyline, hope it isn't too much stuff going on.

WizzroSupreme994d ago

They should just call it Thor: Planet Hulk by now. I like the team-up idea.