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FGE - The Last Witch Hunter directed by Breck Eisner starring Vin Diesel is another action adventure film with fantastic visuals and ideas that have been done before in other films of the same genre. Most of the characters in this story are witches except for a handful like Kaulder (played by Vin Diesel). Kaulder lives sometimes during the Middle Ages and he first appears on screen dressed like a Viking warrior, and we see him teaming up with a band of heroes to hunt down the ghastly, feral Witch Queen (Julie Engelbrecht) who looks like a demonic possessed Linda Blair from The Exorcist except she’s also covered in moss and tree roots with flies and unclean things surounding her at all times. The Witch Queen is responsible for the Black Plague that wipes out almost one-third of Europe and along with it claims the lives of Kaulder’s wife and daughter and now Kaulder wants revenge.

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