Sleepy Hollow "The Sisters Mills" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Four episodes into the season, and Sleepy Hollow has finally given us a monster worth remembering: the Abyzou, aka “The Tooth Fairy,” a twisted, crab-walking beastie that sucks the life force out of children after they’ve lost a tooth. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Abyzou is also invisible to grown-ups—and if you guessed that would be used to very creepy effect in “The Sisters Mills,” then give yourself a shiny silver dollar. The Tooth Fairy isn’t the best creature our heroes have squared off against, but it is legitimately unsettling to look at, and the fact that it targets kids gives it an extra screw turn of nastiness. The fact that the episode stacks the deck by not having any kids actually die is really only noticeable in retrospect. Besides, this is a fun show, and scary or not, fun shows usually don’t kill kids.

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