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AVClub: After beginning as yet another underwhelming, poorly-plotted installment of the spiral of diminishing returns that Heroes Reborn has become, “Game Over” takes a left turn. Whereas the other episodes this season have treaded water, establishing enough forward momentum with their handful of successful storylines to make up for their useless ones, this entry makes a critical mistake: Instead of building to its own dramatic narrative breakthroughs, “Game Over” co-opts two of the most powerful moments of two of the most acclaimed geek properties in American pop culture, Spider-Man and Star Wars, mining them for emotional resonance the series has been too distracted, or disinterested, to earn. This bizarre and foolish choice erases the little goodwill garnered by the earlier episodes and makes one wonder why is anyone still watching, when even the writers think they could be watching other, better stories.

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WizzroSupreme995d ago

I'm still in Season 3 of Heroes so far and it's getting pretty slow. I can see how Reborn is probably off to the same start.