The Knick "You're No Rose" Review - AVClub

AVClub: In a way “Ten Knots” was easy. Almost all of the main characters were sequestered in separate storylines, give or take Gallinger’s boat ride or Harry’s visit from Cleary. Ten individual knots. Things are more complicated now that everyone but Harry is back at the Knick. There’s a lot more collusion and collision in “You’re No Rose.” Thack, Gallinger, and the venerable Dr. Mays reject Edwards’ new hospital routine. Wu’s prostitutes interrupt Barrow’s meeting with Cleary, and Lucy and Dr. Mays get drawn into that little scheme. Cornelia enlists Cleary in her murder investigation, and Cleary enlists Cornelia to pay for Harry’s lawyers. Thack breaks up with Lucy, and Bertie breaks up with Thack. And the first scene of the episode shows what happens when you start poking your fat nose in places it doesn’t belong.

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