Guardians of the Galaxy "Undercover Angle" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Guardians of the Galaxy started off with potential, but fell victim to some terrible narrative/thematic choices and really clunky animation. It wasn’t even making decisions that seemed to be in the interest of making young kids excited; they were baffling decisions to artificially add tension or conflict. After a step in the right direction with last week’s “Can’t Fight This Seedling,” the show could have easily fallen back on its lazier, lamer storytelling beats. “Undercover Angle” makes it clear that not only are the writers and animators way more comfortable with the characters and visual aesthetics, but that they also have a better handle on the tone and atmosphere they’re aiming for. (This usually happens by episode five of a live-action TV series, but for animated shows, this happens around episode nine-through-thirteen because of how cartoons are produced. The fact that Guardians managed to find its footing this early is shocking). It’s the kind of confidence that makes me think the show could possibly receive the coveted comparison that other sci-fi shows strive for, the infamous F-word that Fox cancelled so many years ago.

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