Aaron Sorkin Thinks a Young Denzel Would Have Made a Great Steve Jobs Too


Casting the title role in Steve Jobs was no easy task — in part because the late Apple co-founder still looms large in the popular consciousness, and in part because of how thoroughly the character dominates the film.

During the movie’s closely covered development process, such big-name stars as Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale circled the Jobs role only to pass, and the German-Irish actor Michael Fassbender ultimately donned the iconic black turtleneck.

According to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, the most important qualification for the Jobs role was sheer acting talent.

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WizzroSupreme1147d ago

He could, but race probably does matter when you're dealing with real life people, especially those that grew up in the time that Steve Jobs' early career happened.

RetrospectRealm1147d ago

Lol Denzel's a great actor but you can't really portray a white guy as a black guy. That's just silly.