The A.V. Club | 'The Last Witch Hunter' Review

The A.V. Club

Rugged sword-and-sorcery heroes and hard-boiled detectives both have their origins in the pulp magazine tradition, so it’s not that far-fetched to combine them, as The Last Witch Hunter tries to do by casting Vin Diesel as an immortal medieval tough guy in a secret New York underworld of modern-day magicians. Muscling into magic-potion speakeasies and decrepit witch squats hidden behind gummy bear trees, Diesel’s trench-coat-clad Kaulder encounters hookah-smoking octogenarian femme fatales kept young and beautiful by sorcery and shape-shifters who resemble fidgety meth tweakers in their true form. When he isn’t using alchemy to dust crime scenes for spell...

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WizzroSupreme997d ago

This seems like a film that was too hollow of a laugh.

RetrospectRealm997d ago

So basically, your average Vin Diesel film.