Ben Affleck Says He's Open To Directing Standalone Batman Movie

CB: We know that a new standalone Batman movie is an inevitability, and that Warner Bros. plans to make it part of their DC Extended Universe films. Rumors have been circulating that Batman himself, Ben Affleck, is in talks to direct the film. However, it seems that the flesh may be willing, but the schedule is weak.

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RetrospectRealm940d ago

It's pretty inevitable that Affleck ends up directing one too. I'm sure it'll be dope.

Porcelain_Chicken940d ago

I feel like he's all but confirmed. He is WB's guy after all. He loves Batman and he's willing to direct. After Nolan they need someone good to take over and Batfleck is prefect for the job. His weakest directed film on RT is at %91. Please WB!!

alycakes940d ago

He's a good actor but a great director

RetrospectRealm938d ago

I don't know about that. None of his directed films are even that great. They're just pretty good.