The Walking Dead Ratings Stay Strong In Week 2

CB: AMC's hit zombie drama, The Walking Dead, showed no signs of slowing down its story telling in its second week of season six and its ratings did the same.

JSS pulled in a massive audience of 17.085 million with 11.068 million being adults in Live + 3 ratings. Compared to it's Live + Same Day ratings, the Live + 3 numbers for JSS show a 40% increase in total viewers, with 41% being the key demo.

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RetrospectRealm939d ago

This show will literally never die in ratings. Even if it sucks, people are still gonna tune in because they've spent so much time with these characters already.

alycakes938d ago

I saw last Sunday's episode finally last night and it was awesome. The thing with Carol is that she's in the background being a good girl but she's doesn't close her eyes for a minute....nothing gets passed her. She is always watching out for the others in her own way and when she has to she goes commando on them. What Morgan doesn't understand is that 'yes' you do have to kill these days even if you may not want to sometimes.