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Star Wars Rebels "Always Two There Are" Preview, Synopsis Released

CB: Now that three Clone troopers are part of the extended team of the fledgling rebellion, it's time for the Star Wars Rebels crew to get back to their missions of strengthening the fleet and finding a home for the soon-to-be Alliance. Unfortunately, they now have not one but two new Inquisitors on their tail. After defeating and killing the Grand Inquisitor in the season 1 finale, the other inquisitors are now fighting to see who will be named the new one in his place, and that means more than one are after the Rebels. In an extended preview video for "Always Two There Are," airing next Wednesday October 28th on Disney XD, Ezra and Sabine meet the first of these, Sarah Michelle Gellar's Seventh Sister, and run into her partner - if you can call him that.

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OJSoFunky944d ago

Love this series, the last episode was my favourite yet.

RetrospectRealm941d ago (Edited 941d ago )

Yeah, definitely. I think this show will really prosper with connections to The Clone Wars. What made TCW so great was that it had so many characters and that you could jump to any of them every other episode. Rebels stays with an only decent crew all the time. It gets kind of boring. The show is definitely getting better though.

OJSoFunky941d ago

I would be so hyped if Asaj Ventress appeared

RetrospectRealm941d ago

I definitely would be hyped out of my mind too. I'm not sure what her fate was at the end of the book they published about her a few months back, but I'm almost sure she's still alive.

OJSoFunky940d ago

Yeah, she is still about, and i think they did that on purpose so that she can be in rebels