We Got This Covered | 'I Smile Back' Review

We Got This Covered

Snapshots into a life unraveling, I Smile Back is an unpleasant, earnest look at the struggles of coping with bipolar disorder and addiction. New Jersey housewife and mother of two children, Laney Brooks is prone to mistakes. Chief among them her decision to abruptly stop taking the lithium tablets that treat her mental disorder. She pounds alcohol at dinner, snorts cocaine in the bathroom, and cheats on her husband with their friend, but even when she’s home there’s a cavernous distance between the married couple.

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WizzroSupreme968d ago

Not my kind of film, but definitely an issue that needs more awareness.

RetrospectRealm968d ago

Did you see it? Silverman is VERY VERY good. Especially impressive as this is not a comedic film.