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We Got This Covered | 'Hemlock Grove: Season 3' Review

We Got This Covered

There’s a moment in the third season premiere of Hemlock Grove when Peter Rumancek jokingly teases his bro-bestie Roman Godfrey with dumping all of their paranormal secrets onto a hard-assed private investigator they’ve hired to assist them in the fallout of last season’s finale. “You mean that our missing baby with telekinetic powers was taken by a flying reptile with a thirty-foot wingspan who had been masquerading around town as the family doctor?” It’s meant to be a winking take on the show’s ridiculousness – an oh how crazy has this stuff gotten in two seasons! – but with nothing to support that wink other than a nifty bucket of gore or two, Hemlock Grove remains what it’s been since season 1: innovatively bad.

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WizzroSupreme998d ago

I can barely remember a time when we had a good Hemlock Grove. *sigh*