12 Underrated Marvel Superheroes Who Should Get a Netflix TV Series


Marvel has led the way in terms of bringing superheroes to life like we’ve never seen before. They are remaining somewhat loyal to the source material, but they are not afraid to adapt their heroes to the small screen to make them even more successful.

Continuing the success that Marvel has seen with films like Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, and Iron Man, they have moved to the small screen with the same amount of quality with Daredevil on Netflix. With the critical and fan response being overwhelmingly positive, Marvel is moving full speed ahead with even more Netflix based superheroes. They have already announced Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and a team up series for the Defenders, but there is still plenty of room for other heroes that would suit the grittier style of the Netflix series.

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Aldous_Snow999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

Haven't even heard of quite a few of those.

Ghost Rider and Blade would be cool for a TV series. Ghost Rider movies were terrible and Blade needs a new lease of life. They were ok but wouldn't want Snipes to return.

Hawkeye and Black Widow don't need their own series. They're better off as they are and just to have cameos in various movies and TV crossovers.

Porcelain_Chicken999d ago

It feels like Black Widow and Hawkeye really got the short end of the stick. I could envision a really dark Netflix show with these two paired up. Going on violent suicide missions. Would be intense!! Instead they are reduced to cameos and plot devices. I mean in a comic Hawkeye once used his fingernails as a bloody projectile weapon for Christs sake!!

Blade is probably at the top of my list. It's all I could think of upon finishing Daredevil.

RetrospectRealm997d ago

Sony wasn't thinking. That was the problem.

Monster_Tard998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

There has already been a Blade TV series, it was pretty meh, I wouldn't mind seeing another attempt though.

RetrospectRealm997d ago

I'm all for Ghost Rider ONLY if it done by Marvel Studios. The Nic Cage stuff is garbage. Especially the second one, whatever it's called.

Aldous_Snow997d ago

Spirit of Vengeance if im remembering correctly. And yes, even the flies won't touch that pile of shit.

Porcelain_Chicken997d ago

My name is Johnny Blaze... and I'm the Ghostrider.

Those were the last lines muttered in the outro. Wtf was Sony thinking?! :( Not with the line but with the entire franchise as a whole.