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Daniel Craig: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked


Daniel Craig is, obviously, best known for playing England’s best-loved alcoholic, womanising Cold War throwback James Bond. However, as much as that’s the role which defines him in in the public imagination, there’s a great deal more to him than just shooting people and then dropping some really quite insensitive witticisms afterwards.

Those us us who are better acquainted with Craig’s previous work know that he’s as skilled in playing the brooding lead in indie romances as he is at punching dudes to death with his big meaty fists. We also know that he’s got really very extensive experience of being in the most appalling rubbish in a frankly staggering array of genres and styles. Unsolicited remakes of beloved sci-fi films, lumpy adaptations of video games, hammy teen-orientated rehashes of Mark Twain novels: he’s done ’em all.

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WizzroSupreme993d ago

I won't ever hold Tomb Raider against Craig, but holy cow was that not something he'll ever acknowledge again.

RetrospectRealm993d ago

Of the ones that sucked I've literally never seen any of them!