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Entertainment Weekly | 'Bone Tomahawk' Review


Strange happenings are afoot in the frontier town of Bright Hope. A murderous drifter shows up, a stable boy is killed in grisly fashion, and a trio of hostages are whisked off in the cloak of night by a bizarre tribe of cave-dwelling savages with a sweet tooth for human flesh. That’s right, first-time writer-director S. Craig Zahler’s luridly titled tale is none other than a cannibal Western—and a pretty decent one at that, thanks to a stellar cast that includes Kurt Russell as a gruff sheriff with a Yosemite Sam mustache, Richard Jenkins as his rambling backup deputy, Matthew Fox as the town dandy with a bloody history with the Indians, and Patrick Wilson, whose wife was one of the abducted.

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WizzroSupreme993d ago

A gritty Kurt Russell? Sign me up!

RetrospectRealm993d ago

Sadly, gritty westerns really don't work. Take a look at all the good westerns in history. They're all comedic and clever.