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Comic Book | 'Jem and The Holograms' Review


Jem is probably a great movie if the viewer is seven years old. Ardent fans of the 1980s Jem cartoon and any of the subsequent comic book adaptations will find it lackluster in every way. Jerrica Benton is reduced from an independent and incredibly successful business woman who moonlights as a musical superstar and full-time philanthropist to a teenaged girl with stage fright (played by Aubrey Peeples, who isn’t a terrible casting choice), whose sisters make her famous on YouTube.

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WizzroSupreme991d ago

Amazing that a site like Comic Book would cover Gem and the Holograms but it just goes to show how much people love to be shocked about how mediocre it apparently is.

RetrospectRealm991d ago

It really can't compare with the original. Not sure why people were expecting it to.