Jessica Jones Finally Gets a Real Deal Trailer

EB: Netflix has finally posted an actual trailer for Jessica Jones that shows real footage from the upcoming streaming TV series. The trailer clocks in at just over 2-minutes and features a deeper look at what the first season will entail.

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alycakes877d ago

Oh boy, this looks good.

Stringerbell876d ago

Agreed cant wait for this.

Nodoze877d ago

Wow this is DARK. I love it.

Lord_Sloth877d ago

FINALLY! Am really psyched for this. LOVED Daredevil!

RetrospectRealm877d ago

I think this actually has the potential to be better than Daredevil. I hope it is!

ZaWarudo877d ago

Purple Man, man oh man. This is a haunting trailer.

Porcelain_Chicken877d ago

You had me at Krysten Ritter! That "you had no idea what he made me do" or something line.... I wonder if he tortured her the way he did in the comics! D: If he did then he's a sick as mofo and Marvel has some bawls!! It's a definite watch for me!

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