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TVEnthusiast's Spotlight: The Strain

Since Halloween is rapidly approaching, TVEnthusiast felt it might be prudent to offer something thematically in line with the holiday season for this week’s edition of Spotlight. The Strain is a horror series from cinematic mastermind Guillermo del Toro and LOST Showrunner Carlton Cuse. Though originally conceived as a television series, Guillermo del Toro was unable to find a network that he could work with on the project at the time it was conceived. As a a final option to get out the story, del Toro wrote it as a book series. Since then, the standards of television have risen so drastically that a TV version of the story was finally a feasible prospect. One has to imagine that the success of AMC’s The Walking Dead motivated The Strain’s network, FX, to push forward on the expensive project.

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