5 Epic Plot Ideas for ‘Indiana Jones 5′

ATE: "Indy 5 has not been officially confirmed in any way, shape, or form. But Disney, who now owns the rights to the franchise, has expressed interest in creating a new entry in the series. Whether that new film will star Harrison Ford once again also remains to be seen. But apparently Steven Spielberg wants it, and we want it too.

When someone like Spielberg says something along the lines of “we have to do Indiana Jones 5 with Harrison Ford,” you don’t question it. You simply take it as gospel and run with it, which is exactly what we’re doing."

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RetrospectRealm1003d ago

None of these will work. We need it to be about Indy looking for Christian items out of the Bible just like in Raiders and Last Crusade. The Spear Of Destiny would be pretty dope.

Soldierone1002d ago

Should be something that gets him stuck. It should be Harrison Ford's last one, so go out with a bang. Either gets frozen in time or something like that.

I think the thing he finds needs to be stronger than these. I mean things like the Triangle should be nothing more than an issue along the way, not the destination.