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TRR: Sometimes the most bizarre occurrences — even the ones that appear supernatural in origin — can have perfectly logical explanations. But sometimes, those explanations can be even weirder than the occurrences themselves. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's the latter statement that best describes The Diabolical, the debut feature from writer/director Alistair Legrand, which stars Heroes' Ali Larter as a single mother terrorized by ghoulish visions. Yet as diabolically contrived and conventional as that premise sounds, The Diabolical actually tries to be anything but. In fact, any resemblance the movie might bear to your typical haunted house thriller is merely Legrand playing with audience expectations. When the film does reveal its true colors, however, the result is something of a mixed bag. Trading horror tropes for sci-fi trappings, The Diabolical's twisty third-act revelation and sudden gear-shifting is as much of a disappointment as it is a delight. Either way, it's pretty obvious that the film's title doesn't really describe the story at all, but rather the filmmakers' mischievous intentions.

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