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TRR: If you're familiar with '80s music, you might guess that Synchronicity is a movie about the popular '80s band The Police. On the contrary, it's actually a sci-fi thriller about a physicist (Chad McKnight) who takes matters into his own hands — sending himself five days into the past — when a cutthroat venture capitalist (Michael Ironside) attempts to steal the intellectual rights to his prototype time machine. Of course, there's a catch. For in doing so he's accidentally created a time paradox that will kill him in a matter of days, and may have just sealed his own fate. Make no mistake, there are still plenty of good stories left to tell in the time travel genre. Unfortunately writer/director Jacob Gentry's film is just plain out-of-sync, falling apart under the weight of its nebulous narrative, straight-to-video performances and low-rent production design.

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