Survivor's Remorse "Guts" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Survivor’s Remorse is a fairly consistent show in that in a typical episode, at least one story is working well. It’s not often that an entire episode falls apart, but “Guts” just never comes together. “Guts” is not an incredibly funny episode, and when a comedy is written in a stylized, writerly way, but isn’t funny, it comes off as overly precious and self-indulgent. Most of “Guts” comes across that way. Worse yet, the episode dredges up the HPV plot that forces the characters to talk like their reading from a Planned Parenthood brochure. It spends its time on the budding relationship between Cam and Allison in one story, Reggie’s effort to ascend to the top 1 percent in another, and Missy’s attempts to tutor Jupitor in the third, which sidelines Cassie and M-Chuck almost entirely. For an episode called “Guts,” this one was pretty hollow on the inside.

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