Bob’s Burgers "Hauntening" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Does continuity matter at all when we assess a show like Bob’s Burgers? That’s an honest question. Part of the fun of an episode like “Hauntening” lies in seeing just how far the story can stretch the show’s reality, but I’m not at all sure this story reaches the show’s previously established logical breaking points. To put that more concretely, “Hauntening” succeeds at least in part because of the self-conscious outlandishness of its premise. Ordinary haunted houses fail to scare Louise because her coldly analytical mind can’t help but see the unimpressive reality behind the trick. She doesn’t see the sense in essentially agreeing to be scared just for the hell of it, and she lacks the skittishness and the overactive imaginations of her siblings that allow them to be scared. That’s a fine character trait to build an episode around, though it’s a little abstract, which helps explain why the opening scene devotes so much time to laying out just where Louise’s head is at, and why the Belchers and their friends (or maybe just their best customers) would devote so much time and resources to giving her the scare she always wanted but never gotten.

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