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General Zod’s Greatest Strategic Blunder

NERDOPOTAMUS.COM - Our writer focuses on Michael Shannon's incarnation of General Zod, and the greatest mistake he made throughout Zack Snyder's 2013 film, "Man of Steel."

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Porcelain_Chicken952d ago

She's the only one who had any real contact with Superman, at the time Zod and the gang hacked Earth's electronics to send out their "You are not alone" message she was all over the news. I'm assuming that is how they caught wind of her being in some way shape or form involved with Supes. Of course they had no real way of knowing exactly to what extent. She says they read her mind which backs up my claim, they wanted to know how much she knew. They read her mind while looking for intel that might help him down the line, and he certainly has no reason to believe she has a command key. Pretty weird thing to rant about.

P.S. If you were looking to complain about Zod's tactical decisions, you should've went with the obvious one. That being the fact that he leaves the world engine almost completely undefended. Sure he's busy securing the genesis chamber and SUUUUUUUURE the world engine's had defenses of their own, but Faora and Hugey McHugenstein were over there sitting in the ship doing jack SHET!!!

gangsta_red951d ago

Really...that is his biggest error?

How about the fact that each person under his command could have all the powers he saw Kal-El posses!

I mean seriously...

Porcelain_Chicken951d ago

He didn't want everyone to have powers. He was created to protect Krypton. It was coded into his DNA. So when Krypton was destroyed, his first instinct was to recreate it. Exactly as it was. Like he told Kal, he didn't wanna share the world so Kryptonains wouldn't suffer from the atmosphere as he did growing up. They were practically robots. As Faora put it, Kal had a sense of morality. They did not. To them the powers were just a big shiny weapon to a robot. A means to an end.

gangsta_red951d ago

Yes, he would change the atmosphere for the children of Krypton but the sun would still be yellow and they would still gain their powers. Unless Zod has a machine to turn the sun red there would be no way to avoid every kryptonian not having powers.

Zod could have easily taken Superman down if everyone under his command gained the powers they receive while under a yellow sun.

UltraNova950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

Interesting come back gansta,

However if the Kryoptonians have the necessary tech know how on Terra-forming a planet and 're-calibrating' its atmospheric composition amd gravity to be inline with their home planet, then they could surely alter Earth's atmospherics in order allow 'red' radiation only from a yellow sun.

Even if they couldn't do that,I'd say that Kryptonians being super powered would be a bonus in Zods book when all the dust settled since he could possibly launch conquering expeditions in other solar systems and fend off any attacks on his new planet, he would see it as the next step of evolution his people would rightly deserve, under his rule of course.


Lois being on the ship was detrimental to the story's progression as Sups and Earth would need a good card late in the game.

Zod needed the Codex. He knew Sups had it or at the very least could tell him where his space pot and or ancient ship (the one in ice)where in order to find it since he believed that the codex was still in material form.

He wanted Lois on board (in close proximity)as leverage in case Sups wouldn't give up the Codex.

Porcelain_Chicken951d ago

The atmosphere assisted in his powers! It wasn't just the sun! Jor-el mentions this right before Supes flies for the first time. He brings up how Earth's more nourishing atmosphere will give him his new found powers aswell as the sun as opposed to Krypton's harsher environment. This is further proven when goes into Zod's ship. He doesn't react well to Kryptonian atmospherics thus he passes out in a bloody mess despite being closer to the sun than ever!