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AVClub: My two favorite songs about the Fourth of July — X’s “4th of July” and Bruce Springsteen’s “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)” — are both sad songs reminiscing about life that was once great but is now long behind the narrators of each song. “This boardwalk life for me is through / You know you ought to quit this scene too,” Springsteen sings, in a perfect encapsulation of what David wants to say to everyone in his orbit but can’t. So it makes sense that I love “Fourth Of July,” the fifth episode and midpoint of Red Oaks and my favorite so far. Independence Day is supposed to be a time of celebration and hope; life in America is great now but it can only get greater. But “Fourth Of July” had a wonderful plaintive sadness running through the entire episode. There is hope there — that Wheeler might now actually get the girl, that Skye may actually want to spend time with Getty, that Nash will become rich off of insider trading — but there’s also an inherent sadness to the episo...

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WizzroSupreme1004d ago

A strange episode to be airing in October, but I guess it was sure good enough.

RetrospectRealm1004d ago

Is this a new show? I haven't heard anything of it yet.