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AVClub: Considering that the season premiere of The Last Kingdom ended with quite the declaration of intent, what with Uhtred dropping a head on the doorstep of Bebbanburg and all, it’s a smart choice to pick up “Episode 2” right where that episode left off. The first episode of The Last Kingdom benefited from a sense of urgency, building up the individual story of Uhtred while also filling in the historical details for added context, and that pace is once again applied here. Having Uhtred and Brida ride their horses into the woods to escape Aelfrick and his men achieves a number of things right off the bat, not only establishing a furious pace to the episode but also setting in motion the series of decisions that the two will face as their loyalties become divided between their Danish family and their Saxon roots.

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WizzroSupreme1006d ago

Sounds like the kind of show I should be checking out.