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“Annabelle” Scribe Gary Dauberman Returns For The Killer Doll's Sequel

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It’s been a year since the diabolical doll known as Annabelle graced our screens, and while a sequel to The Conjuring is already in production, things are now moving forward with the next entry in New Line Cinema’s spinoff series. Sources confirm that Annabelle 2 is actively in development, with Gary Dauberman returning for another sinister outing.

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WizzroSupreme1003d ago

Never saw it, but it looks intriguing.

RetrospectRealm1003d ago

They've been showing it on FX lately. Check it out.

Aldous_Snow1003d ago

It was terrible. Not scary at all. Sure, the doll looks a bit creepy but it doesn't do anything but levitate once.

Overated and overhyped. Even poltergiest was better, and that's being generous.