The Original Shared Universe: A Look Back At the Universal Monsters

From Cinelinx:

Summer is the time for superhero films but October is for ghosts and ghouls. Monsters were box-office gold long before superheroes thrived on screen and film buffs know it was the Universal Studios monsters that originated the concept of the shared universe.

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darklordzor1006d ago

They really did seem to take some big risks back then with these icons. Too bad Universal can't seem to get it together now for these characters.

RetrospectRealm1006d ago

IMO they shouldn't even be trying to create a "cinematic universe". Just make some good films. Who cares about making them connect in a universe?

Porcelain_Chicken1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

"Just make some good films"

I, Frankenstein and Dracula Untold weren't great so that might be a bit hard. I'm guessing they think a connected universe will help people forget about the smaller picture and await to watch the bigger picture. Thus being more forgiving if a movie in the franchise sucks or is subpar.

Not saying I agree with this universe crap. I agree with you completely! Just my two cents.

RetrospectRealm1005d ago

@Porcelain_Chicken I don't know how that would want me to go watch those films. I think working on bridging each film is very distracting. They should only focus on one film if it's so hard for them to get one film right.

Porcelain_Chicken1005d ago

Agreed! I don't think they are too interested in really trying though. If it's good by all means I'll eat my words. Universe building was always my least favorite part of the MCU but everyone else seemed to be there for only that! So I can see why they are doing this. It's the new gimmick.