Screenrant | 'Goosebumps' Review


Goosebumps begins with teenager Zachary “Zach” Cooper (Dyan Minnette) and his mom Gale (Amy Ryan) having just moved to the small town of Madison, Delaware, where Gale will start her new job as vice principal at the local high school. Zach is quickly smitten with his new girl next door, the teenaged Hannah (Odeya Rush), but her mysterious father (Jack Black) – known by the locals as “Mr. Shivers” – is a decidedly antisocial and strange man, who insists on home-schooling Hannah and is quick to warn Zach to stay away from the pair of them. Zack grows suspicious of Shivers, and one night Zach witnesses a fight between Hannah and her dad – but is unable to prove it to the police.

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