Jessica Chastain on Hollywood’s Gender Pay Gap: ‘It’s Not Right’


Hollywood’s compensation gap is being hotly discussed this week thanks to Jennifer Lawrence’s viral essay detailing her anger over being paid less than her male co-stars.

The conversation seeped over to the red carpet at Wednesday’s premiere of “Crimson Peak,” where stars Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska praised the Oscar winner for highlighting the issue and bringing attention to sexism in the film industry.

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WizzroSupreme1010d ago

It's certainly not. Wake up, Hollywood.

-Foxtrot1010d ago

Honestly I'm not saying this sort of thing dosen't happen but I think it mostly comes down to being a popularity contest and who will draw in a bigger crowd

Jennifer Lawrence complained about Brady Cooper getting more then her in American Hustle for example but the guy, regardless of gender has been around a lot longer and has more of a screen presence to bring in a bigger crowd.

Cooper is 40, Lawrence is 25, he's obviously going to have a much bigger head start. Plus he's been in Television and Theatre.

If Cooper was replaced with Helen Mirren then she would probably get paid more then Lawrence aswell. I don't think it's JUST to do with gender, other factors follow aswell.

RetrospectRealm1009d ago

Lawrence didn't say it was because of her gender though. She blamed it on herself and her agent for blindly accepting less money. She said in hindsight, she should've been asking for just as much but she didn't want to come off as greedy.

spartanlemur1008d ago

See, you can't really complain if you're unwilling to push for more money. If you feel you don't get paid enough in a contract-based career like acting, the problem is not "society"; it's you. But good on her for taking responsibility. That's the first step towards actually becoming an all around better, happier, more honest person (with oneself and others), and it is something which too many people these days (looking at you, feminists) fail to do.

Baka-akaB1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

You forget that Cooper was virtually unknown even in the days of of the hit tv show Alias . To the point he himself admitted a few random thought of suicide and doubts about his career

His real boff office break through was with the Hangover in 2011 , pretty much the same year she made her big mainstream wave too with Xmen origins .

Both have been on a meteoric rise both critically and on box office , pretty much at the same time , apart and then together with the Silver Lining .

In retrospect there wouldnt be valid reasons she'd get less money for American Hustle , when she's as big of a draw , if not bigger , except that Cooper's role is more important in the movie .

I don't think it's because of some malicious intent in most cases , but clearly some agents are underestimating the female stars they represent , and any savvy producer would exploit that

-Foxtrot1008d ago

That might of been his bigger break through but the point is he was still around and getting work. He was slowly building up his portfolio.

More people could say "Oh yeah he was in X, Y and Z years and years ago" because thanks to the Hangover we now know who he is however with Lawrence you can't really do that. The big things for her are the "Hunger Games" and "X-Men", not a lot you could say before that except for Silver Linings Playbook. Least with Cooper you could all away back to 2001 with Wet Hot American Summer. "Oh he's the gay guy in Wet Hot American Summer and Will from Alias".

By the way those Suicide thoughts came on from his substance addictions aswell along with his career doubts.

I just think if you've been in the industry longer and you've slowly built yourself up, and gone through hell doing that up to the point where that hard work has paid off then I'm not surprised he was paid more. Like you've said he was even more important in that film despite not being the main attraction Bale and Lawrence were used mostly in advertising, Cooper was like another big star you would get "make sure" box office sales would go high.

Baka-akaB1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

I don't really get how you can state that he got indeed somewhat memorable stuff before his breakout hit , while downplaying Lawrence doing at least the same .

She was actually gathering huge critical appraisal before Xmen and building her portfolio likewise . Like in Winter's bone , an Oscar nominated movie that got her various awards and nominations . She was in a multiple seasons spanning tv serie too ( crap show i'd say but ...) etc etc

Thatguy-3101008d ago

But jennifer lawrence is bigger than Bradley Cooper though. It all comes down to the individual. Guys are more persistent with what they want. The majority of women are as well but usually don't ask for it and settle for what they are offered. Look at Robert downey Jr,that guy gets so much cash from the marvel movies that he isn't afraid to ask for more when they want him to return.

StarWarsFan1009d ago

Beyond gender, I think a part of it is negotiating. Part of it is also the drawing power of the star. I think saying it's all about gender is a bit of a cop-out. I saw an example above of Bradley Cooper having gotten paid more for American Hustle than Jenifer Lawrence; but it seems to me Bradley Cooper had the bigger role in the movie too. I feel her's was more of a supporting one, being the crazy wife of Christian Bale. Not that she didn't do a good job, but the character was simply less crucial to the actual story.

Thatguy-3101008d ago

But even Jeremy Renner got paid more and I believe she had a bigger part.

StarWarsFan1007d ago

Still, his character was part of the whole plot of the movie. She was again a side character. Her performance elevated the character to one that's memorable without a doubt, but going into it, I don't know if it seemed like her character was that important.

slate911008d ago

Slate91's take on water: "It's wet."

Muadiib1008d ago

I still think men tennis players should get more than the women, the men play much longer matches on average and they draw much bigger crowds, that alone justifies a higher wage. If a woman does as much as a man in acting and they draw as big a crowd then yes they should get as much, there aren't many like that though I suspect.

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