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5 Telltale Signs Marvel Studios Is About To Implode


As of right now, it almost appears as if Marvel Studios is unstoppable. Moving from hit to hit, their movies receive almost unanimously positive reviews (only a few tropes ultimately seem to keep tripping them up with some critics) and comic book fans worship Kevin Feige like he’s some sort of deity. Every time a non-Marvel Studios movie goes wrong, the answer is always to let the rights revert to them so they can get it right; Sony have even done just that by turning to Feige for help with the Spider-Man franchise!

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RetrospectRealm1004d ago

The hell? There's almost no possible way any of their films legit bomb. These days if it doesn't make a billion people call it a bomb...? I don't know why, a bomb is when it doesn't make more than was set for its budget.