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In "The Candidate," Oliver battles chaos in Star City - and in his own world.

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Digital_Anomaly886d ago

I've heard some complaints about the direction Arrow is taking from some people but I'm really digging it. Thoughts anyone?

MercilessDMercer886d ago

I've heard the complaints, but I think they're off base. A lot of the character choices were to be expected and I really like that they're delving into the supernatural side of things since it's a HUGE aspect of the DCU. Interested to see how Legends of Tomorrow unfolds as the season continues

StarWarsFan886d ago

I agree with some of them. My personal criticism is that there are just too many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak. Canary, now the Red Arrow. It's like everyone in Starling City needs to be in a costume. And the entire thing of going on television last week was kinda stupid. He showed his face pretty prominently, just from a logic standpoint.

blackblades885d ago

My complaint is people coming on these article saying they skipped it or passed on it. If you passed on it pass on the article. Anyways the series is good as well well as flash and marvels series. Even if they copied batman story.

MzDino886d ago

Never got into Arrow...just don't really fancy Green Arrow i guess.

Nunchez885d ago

Thank you for this very useful comment.

DarkBlood886d ago

the twist at the end really threw me out of the loop but then again i should of expected that to happen.

Ninte886d ago

I like Damian dark and I hope to see more of him

WizzroSupreme886d ago

Skipped most of season 3 of Arrow, but might jump back in at this rate when I catch up on Blu-Ray.

RetrospectRealm885d ago

Do you have Netflix or Hulu? They're all on there.

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