Director Danny Boyle Talks About The Making Of ‘Steve Jobs’

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Danny Boyle‘s Steve Jobs is my favorite movie of the year so far. I love so much about this film. I love how it’s a biopic without being a biopic. I love how it captures the truth and essence of a person, but probably 90% of the events and conversations in the movie never happened (or at very least, not at a keynote). I love Aaron Sorkin‘s intense dialogue and Michael Fasbender‘s performance — he may not look like Steve Jobs at the start of this movie, but by the end of the movie he transforms into the man.

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WizzroSupreme1007d ago

Glad Danny Boyle tackled Steve Jobs. Such a grade A talent he is.

RetrospectRealm1006d ago

Still hurts to think we could've had Fincher take the job though. Boyle still did a stellar job though.