‘Die Hard 6’ On The Drawing Board With Director Len Wiseman And Lorenzo Di Bonaventura


As Hans Gruber, his brother Simon and several other super villains can attest, it is hard to kill NYPD cop John McClane, despite that underwhelming last film. Fox is making a deal for Live Free Or Die Hard helmer Len Wiseman to return and develop with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura a sixth installment of Die Hard, the venerable action series that overnight transformed Bruce Willis from a TV to a movie star back in 1988.

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WizzroSupreme982d ago

This has got to be the best day of my life. Stoked for more Die Hard.

RetrospectRealm981d ago

Really? After the 5th one which was so terrible? I'm really nervous about this one.

-Foxtrot982d ago

Len Wiseman...the guy who gave us the horrible, watered down Die Hard 4

Urm...after the 5th film which made the 4th look amazing why don't they get some of the people who did Die Hard 1-3 on board.

It's obviously going to be the last one so why not send it off on a high note. Get some of the original cast back aswell like his ex wife.

SouthClaw982d ago

I really liked 4 I thought it managed to deal a lot of action and got away with a low age rating. The thing that annoyed me was due to that rating he wasn't allowed to say his full catch phrase.

Do I wish it was a full adult rated film? Of course but when you leave a franchise for so long and also in a time of piracy they need to make assurances that they can make it profitable.

Sadly it didn't work for Robocop but that's another story.

Aldous_Snow982d ago

Die Hard 1-4 were friggin awesome. 3 was my favourite. 5 was shit in every way possible. Hated his son. Hope he's not in the 6th.

Yipee kai yay m'fkr!!

OJSoFunky982d ago

Worst news ever. Leave it alone! Especially for a prequel so stupid.

barb_wire982d ago

Why bother though..?

Think about it, in the original 'Die Hard' John McClane was just an ordinary cop, family man w/kids.. some friction between his wife and himself.. all normal..

Then he goes to L.A. (where his wife works) and a Christmas party at Nakatomi Plaza.. that's when John McClane BECAME extraordinary, when European thieves (posing as terrorists) hijack the party..

No need for a prequel, the John McClane we all know and love wasn't created until L.A. - not in 1979..

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