Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - "A Wanted (Inhu)man" Review | COG

Coulson makes a tough decision to save a key team member, May and Hunter get a step closer to Ward, and Jemma struggles to cope with her recent trauma.

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MercilessDMercer788d ago (Edited 788d ago )

Loving the inhuman storyline and I hope they work this into the movie!

Digital_Anomaly788d ago

Dude, love Inhumans!!! Totally agree!

UnwanteDreamz787d ago

They are setting up the Infinity Wars. The InHumans are part of that story.

generalwinter788d ago

Wonder if Thor will ever be on the show.

MRBIGCAT788d ago

Yet another I need to watch. Too many damn fine TV shows, and no time.

gunnerforlife787d ago

Just be patient with season 1 and you'll love s2 and s3

TheSaint787d ago (Edited 787d ago )

I knew Jemma would 'have to go back', bit too obvious that one.

You're better than that Marvel.

R6ex787d ago

Ending for Season 2 was bizarre. Can't wait for Season 3!

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