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IGN The Strain: Season 2 Review

It's not always easy being a fan of The Strain. The show has a lot going for it with its "vampire horror by way of Michael Crichton" premise and the involvement of Guillermo del Toro. Unfortunately, the show too often struggles to live up to its full potential, with lackluster characterization and inane storylines dragging down a generally good tale of humanity fighting a losing battle against an apocalyptic outbreak. That was true for the show's first season, and despite some improvements it remained true for the second.

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alycakes1012d ago

I loved season 2. They kept the action going the entire time and there weren't too many dull moments.

WizzroSupreme1010d ago

The Strain is probably the grossest, freakiest show on TV.

Varzoth1010d ago

Need to watch the show still but I read the book and I enjoyed that.