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IGN Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: "A Wanted (Inhu)man" Review

While the title for "A Wanted (Inhu)man" referred to Lincoln, and his story was solid, the episode’s most notable content dealt with Simmons, as she was back, but hardly back to her usual self.

Elizabeth Henstridge was terrific here, as Simmons seemed on edge and often almost in pain from being around, well, nearly everything. Mundane things like a cell phone ringing got under her skin and Henstridge did an excellent job showing her trying to put on the best face she could, but struggling so much underneath. It was touching seeing Fitz trying so hard (yes, I it was "Aww"-worthy how he had held that restaurant reservation for them, hoping she'd return), but he just couldn't help her - at least not yet.

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alycakes1004d ago

I know there were like 3 different stories going on last night but my mind was more on Simmons. I couldn't get over what she was going thru and wondering what it's going to take to get her back to her old self.

RetrospectRealm1003d ago

How exactly did she survive there for so long? Or was there some kind of time difference where she was only there for maybe a few hours or something?