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What Culture | 'Hotel Transylvania 2' Review


What do pointless animated comedy sequels, Season 7 of long-running sitcoms and a failing marriage all have in common? When the writing’s on the wall, they’ll all plump for the same answer – introduce a baby.

Hotel Transylvania 2 can only last five minutes before Dracula’s daughter pops out a sprog, and it only manages that long by indulging in needless undermining of the rather harmonious ending of the original (read: the main character learning a life-changing lesson and everyone has a silly dance number). Yup, it’s one of those films.

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WizzroSupreme1007d ago

Well, at least Hotel Transylvania is technically the best movie Adam Sandler's been in all year. And that's not saying much.

sonicwrecks1003d ago

It could be argued its the best film he's been in since the first Hotel Transylvania. I fear we have to go a long way back in time before we find the next best.